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English has a pivotal place in education because all the skills of language are essential to participating fully as a member of society. At Pinders Primary School, we aim to develop pupils’ spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary as these are integral aspects of the teaching of every subject. English is both a subject in its own right and the medium for teaching; for pupils, understanding the language provides access to the whole curriculum. Fluency in the English language is an essential foundation for success in all subjects


At Pinders Primary School, we provide a high-quality education in English in order to ensure children develop the necessary skills to become confident listeners, speakers, readers, writers and spellers. The children are given time to practise the skills taught in lessons and apply this to a variety of writing. Through reading in particular, pupils have a chance to develop emotionally, socially, culturally,intellectually and spiritually. Reading also enables pupils both to build on what they know and acquire new knowledge.


Book reading swap

Use the link below to see the book week pictures from Year 3 and our work on How to Train Your Dragon. 

Go to the Nursery Cub's class page to find more book week photos.

Book character day - even staff dressed up as book characters

Book day character winners

Our School Library displays