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Introducing the Library staff...


The School Library is managed by Mrs Bedford and Miss Tankard, supported at break and lunchtimes by a team of pupil library assistants from Years 4, 5 and  6.


We have a growing team of dedicated pupil library assistants, who help out with maintaining the good order of the library, re-shelving returned books , finding resources for pupils and staff  and helping to move the Library forward.


Some of our pupil library assistants stay with us for a few years, others decide to do it for a shorter period. Whatever length our pupils choose, the skills they develop as pupil library assistants are invaluable and much valued.


I'm interested in becoming a pupil library assistant, what do I do?

As there is always more demand than places available, you need to write a letter of interest to Mrs Bedford or Miss Tankard explaining why you would like to become a pupil library assistant. If successful, you will spend a trial period with us to make sure it's right for you! One break and/or lunchtime is all we expect you to dedicate, though some pupils are happy to do more if need be.


Here are our fantastic librarians:


Tuesday Team: Ellie (Head Librarian), Ruby, Teeda & Hajra

Wednesday Team: Laiba (Head Librarian), Areena, Armaan & Haleema

Thursday Team: Saffa (Head Librarian), Elaha, Muskaan & Kelsey

Friday Team: Salina (Head Librarian), Harison, Alina & Faith