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Maths at Pinders


Mathematics makes a considerable contribution to the overall school curriculum and is constantly used in everyday life. The ability to apply it effectively to unfamiliar problems is therefore very important. A broad mathematical education is essential for all pupils to equip them to enjoy and to meet the responsibilities of adult life in the world today.


Aims and purposes of mathematics

Throughout the school mathematics is organised to follow the 2014 National Curriculum. When possible, practical opportunities, using models and real life situations are incorporated into lessons. This will support and increase all children’s access to excellent teaching, leading to exciting and successful learning.


We aim to provide the children with a mathematics curriculum which will allow them to become confident individuals through developing their mathematical skills to their full potential. We also aim to present maths as a challenging, exciting, creative and relevant subject in order to promote a positive and confident attitude.

Maths teaching should contribute to the acquisition of life-long skills and promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion.


Mastery Maths at Pinders - 2017-18



In 2016, Pinders began its journey towards mastery of mathematics, with support from the West Yorkshire Maths Hub. A mastery approach aims for children to attain a deep understanding of a skill in maths so they can do things such as: apply it to word problems, talk about it with the correct language and even help others! We use the Maths No Problem books to support our learning. Follow this link to read more about mastery in the Maths No Problem textbooks - click here.


Maths Mastery and the 5 Big Ideas


Maths Mastery - Click me to read more.


Many people believe that maths is something you either can do, or can't do. We are aiming to show to everyone that maths is for EVERYONE! 



At Pinders, we are wanting to develop mathematicians who are:


mailResilient and thrive on challenges.

mailCurious and ask questions about what they are doing.

mailSupportive to themselves and others.

mailKeen and thrive on learning new things.

mailAble to talk and discuss with others about what they are doing.


More will be added to the journey as the year goes on!

Autumn 2


We continue with our maths journey with staff but also lots of schools coming in to share good practice. What a wonderful exchange of profession sharing of great practice. 

At Pinders our Junior Leadership team is beginning to investigate maths across school and the leaders intentions within their subject. 
Picture 1

Variation Training - Autumn 1


As part of our journey towards understanding mastery, we have looked at an exceptionally powerful tool in improving children's understanding of mathematics.


'It is generally perceived as one of the most valuable experiences within Chinese mathematics education community' 
( Sun, 2011).



Variation draws attention to the part of the maths which is most important.



Mastery Training - Autumn 1


Stay tuned for more!

Maths Learning

Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Displays

Use of the Bar Model