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Reception - Tigers

Welcome to the class page for Tigers.

At Pinders Primary School we have two Reception classes called ‘Tigers’ and ‘Lions’.

On this page you will find information about our class and details about all the exciting things we are learning in school.

Don't forget to also look us up on Twitter... we try to put photographs on a couple of times each week.

Our first class photo!

Our first class photo! 1

Reception Staff

Miss Lucy Flood – Tigers Class Teacher

Mrs Kelly Rowlands – Lions Class Teacher/Early Years Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs Michelle Handley – Nursery Nurse

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Reception Session Times

The school day begins at 8:45am and finishes at 3:00pm.




Our first day in Tigers and Lions!

The Library in Tigers will be open every week. Please take time to help your child pick a book or game that they would like to read/play at home. You can borrow books every week and bring them back to swap every Thursday. Your child will each have their own reading passport, where we will keep a record of all the different books you have shared with your child.

If you have any questions or if you would like to be involved in helping to run our library please speak to your child's Class Teacher.


Reading books should be read at home every day. If you feel that your child's reading book is ready to be changed, please place their book in the reading tray which is located on the table in the cloakroom.

PE kits must have names clearly written on each item of clothing. Please bring PE kits to school on a Monday and take them home on a Friday as our PE days can change half termly.

Milk is free for your child until the term before their fifth birthday. Milk can be paid for online and costs £1.05 per week. For further details please see the office.

Water bottles will be taken home every day to be washed. Children can bring these back to school the following day. Water bottles can be bought for £1 from the school office.

As part of your 50p contributions, we aim to have an interesting snack every week. We talk about what it is, where it comes from, whether we like it and if we have had it before. Here are some of our snacks!

What do we learn about in Reception?


At Pinders Primary School we have developed our own long term plan, outlining the different topics we will base our learning around each half term. Alongside this we also teach discrete phonics and maths sessions. A big part of the learning in Reception is based around the children's interests. Please come back soon for some examples of how we have incorporated the children's interests into our learning at school.

Reception Long Term Plan

Phonics Overview

Check our Twitter page (@PindersPrimary) weekly for lots of photographs of our learning!

The first few weeks of fun in Tigers!

Thank you to everybody who attended our ‘Reading and Phonics’ parent workshop on Friday 14th September. We hope that the workshop helped you to understand more about how we teach reading in Reception and beyond.

If you were unable to attend the meeting but want more information, we have uploaded the powerpoint below.

We would love to see videos of your children retelling some traditional tales and you can hire a flip-cam from us to record this! We can then share these with the rest of Tigers and see if we can guess which story they are retelling. If this is something which would interest you, please ask!

Reading and Phonics Workshop

Autumn Term 2018


At the start of the autumn term the children in Reception will spend the first few weeks getting to know each other, the teachers and our classroom. We will also be talking about our 3 classroom rules “We are safe, we are respectful and we are ready to learn” and we will create a piece of art on a canvas to show that we all agree to follow our rules.

As we move into October, the children will be learning about Autumn and harvest. We will be going on a walk in the local park to look for signs of autumn. Why not take your child out for a walk too? Can you find any conkers or acorns? Talk about what's happening to the leaves on the trees as the weather turns colder. We will also share a story called ‘Oliver’s Vegetables' and have a look at how our vegetables are growing in our school vegetable patch. We will be visiting Wakefield Library and borrowing books to share with you at home.

Picture 1

As part of our Oliver's Vegetables topic we explored the different vegetables Oliver tries. We wanted to taste them just like him so we decided to work together to make a vegetable soup. It was delicious and Miss Flood was really proud that we all tried the soup! Our superstar head chef Mrs Handley showed us how to use a knife safely.

Our Library Visit

Throughout our first few weeks in school we have explored lots of different books and learnt about our special reading gems in school. We have enjoyed this so much that Miss Flood and Mrs Rowlands decided to take us to the library. We had a lovely day all together (some of us even brought our parents!) and we learnt lots of new things that we can do in the library. We then borrowed a book which we could bring back to school and take home to share with our families. It was lots of fun!

Whilst on our library visit, each child was given the opportunity to select a book which they could take home and share with their family. When we got back to school we looked at our story and each child shared something about their book. They also were given an opportunity to select a reading gem which they think they will do, and expand on it. For example, some children chose the 'Predict' gem and explained what they think might happen in the story.