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Walk Like An Egyptian

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During this topic we learnt about Ancient Egypt. We started by locating modern day Egypt, and discussing the physical geography of the region, we then discussed how we thought Ancient Egypt would have been different.


We examined the story of 'Khemunu of the Nile' - an Ancient Egyptian Myth that explains why the Nile floods every year. We used the iPads to research a selection of the 2000 gods and presented our findings to the class. In PE we created a dance containing pyramids, arm movements reflecting Ancient Egyptian wall carvings and a sequence to show how a body would have been Mummified. 


We created audio tours to share facts about the most famous Egyptian Pharaohs and in art and DT we used papier mache to create replica busts of these Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.


Finally, in Science, we investigated why the sun was so important to the ancient Egyptians. We looked at how the sun moves across the sky and how we can use it to tell the time.

Museum Audio Tour

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