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Year 4...

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Once you enter our classroom you have journeyed into Narnia itself! Year four will be enjoying the Chronicles of Narnia Books this year - reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as our first class novel.  
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Year 4 Staff

Class Teacher: Miss Young

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Hinchcliffe & Miss Makin



Autumn 1

This term year four will be focusing on the Ruthless Romans as our first topic.  We will be looking at how the Roman empire grew geographically and investigating the rise and fall of the empire from a historical point of view.  

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Don't forget..

- Reading books must be read at home and brought in to be changed. 

- PE kit must be in school for your lesson on Friday afternoon.

- Swimming will be every Thursday afternoon. 

- Homework will be given weekly (10 spellings and a maths task) this will be allocated on Wednesdays' to be completed and returned by the following Monday

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