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Year 4...

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Year 4 Staff

Class Teacher: Miss Young

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Hinchcliffe & Miss Makin



Once you enter our classroom you have journeyed into Narnia itself! Year four will be enjoying the Chronicles of Narnia Books this year - reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as our first class novel.  

Reading in Year 4

Reading in Year 4 1
Reading in Year 4 2
Reading in Year 4 3

In year 4 children should be developing positive attitudes to reading independently and a greater understanding of what they have read.  

Reading Strategies at this level

Your child should be encouraged at this stage to use

the following skills:

· Give a personal point of view on a text.

· Reading books that are structured differently and for a

· range of purposes.

· Justify inferences with evidence, predicting what might happen from details stated or implied.

· Retrieve and record information from non-fiction texts  using simple notation.

· Identify and summarise the main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph.

· Pause, intonate and use appropriate voices for characters within a story or poem.

· Recognise apostrophe of possession (plural).

· Identify how sentence structure can be changed by altering word order, tense, adding/deleting words or amending punctuation.

· Use a dictionary and thesaurus.

· Explain why a writer has used different sentence types or

· a particular word order and explain the effect it has created.

· Skim & scan to locate information and/or answer a  question.


Spring 1


Our topic this term will be 'Window on the World' - it is a geography and history based topic focusing on our local area of Wakefield.  We will be comparing our locality from the past to the present.  We will also be discovering more about the United Kingdom, the continent of Europe and studying areas of Birmingham - where we are hoping to establish links with another school. 



In maths this term we will be continue to develop our knowledge of multiplication and division. 



For writing this term we will be writing about our local area and beyond, we will be composing letters and poems throughout the term. 



Year 4's focus during spring will be on Festivals and Celebrations that different religions celebrate. 

Autumn 2

In the lead up to Christmas we have enjoyed going to the pantomime and using our sewing skills to design and create our own Christmas tree decoration - check out the photos in the link above!


In maths lessons we will be moving onto length and perimeter along with other operations such as multiplication and division. We will continue to embed the place value knowledge from Autumn 1 and build on our reasoning and problem-solving skills. 



The stimulus for our writing this term stems from our humanities lessons so the focus is on Romans.  We will be writing a stories about Roman life and including poetry in our English lessons as well.  



Our RE topic this half term will continue to be Hinduism, we will be learning about what it is like to be a Hindu in Britain today. 



Science focuses on States of Matter his half term.  We will be learning about solids, liquids and gases and how these can change state.




Autumn 1


This term year four will be focusing on the Ruthless Romans as our first topic.  We will be looking at how the Roman empire grew geographically and investigating the rise and fall of the empire from a historical point of view.  We researched Roman roads, rebellions including Boudicca and the Iceni tribe, Roman Gods and Godesses along with a fabulous song where we were 'Just Like A Roman'.   



We will be increasing our place value knowledge up to five digit numbers and learning efficient methods for solving addition and subtraction problems as well as becoming more confident with reasoning and problem-solving. 



The stimulus for our writing this term stems from our humanities lessons so the focus is on Romans.  We will be writing a story about a Roman soldier in his first battle against the Celts, a newspaper article following Boudicca's rebellion among other Roman related texts.  



Our RE topic this half term is Hinduism, we will be learning about what it is like to be a Hindu in Britain today.  We'll find out about puja and the many aspects of the one true god in the Hindu faith. 



In computing we are learning about algorithms and how to write a simple algorithm and debug it beginning with flow charts.  We will also begin to use the program Scratch to write simple coding scripts. 

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Don't forget..

- Reading books must be read at home and brought in to be changed. 

- PE kit must be in school for your lesson on Friday afternoon.

- Swimming will be every Thursday afternoon. 

- Homework will be given weekly (10 spellings and a maths task) this will be allocated on Wednesdays' to be completed and returned by the following Monday

Library day is on a Wednesday afternoon. 

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