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Book Week

The Gruffalo

Lions class voted to decide which book we would enjoy during book week. We decided that we wanted a Julia Donaldson theme as we really enjoyed reading “Stick Man” in the autumn term. Lions selected three Julian Donaldson books. “The Gruffalo”, “The Snail and the Whale” and “Paper Dolls. Each child placed a cube on the book that they wanted to read, “The Gruffalo” received the most votes!

Picture 1


At the beginning of book week we used our reading gem “Sequence” to create a story map of “The Gruffalo”. This has helped to retelling the story in the correct order and use the correct vocabulary.

Picture 1

We have explored the book “The Gruffalo” by defining the vocabulary. We defined the words tusks, claws, prickles and wart.

Thank you to all the parents that  came to our open classroom event! Lions really enjoyed create Gruffalo creatures from playdough. They look brilliant.
Lions have been painting pictures of the Gruffalo, playing Gruffalo snakes and ladders and retelling the story using our small world "deep dark wood" scene. 

We also dressed up as our favourite book characters to end our celebrations of book week.