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Book Week Spring 2

Book Week - The Mischievians

For Book Week we read the text Mischievians. We discovered these naughty creatures live among us, secretly, and are responsible for all the mischief, strange occurrences and odd-happenings all over the world. We were introduced to the Sock Stalker (who steals one out of a pair of socks), the Homework-Eater, the End-Rollers (who steal the last piece of toilet paper to inconvenience humans), the Mister Blister (who takes delight in giving humans uncomfortable blisters) and a whole range of other cheeky beings. 

The Mischievians' First Act of Mischief - Pencil Eaters!

We were unfortunate enough to be terrorised in our own classroom by some naughty Mischievians!  We were visited by the Pencil Eaters who stole all of our pencils! We decided to set traps to scare them off and made posters to warn them away - with no success!
The following day the Mischievians were back! They caused chaos in our classroom by stealing our vowels from displays! We think they must be annoyed that we are spreading the word and exposing their identity!

Our Inspire Morning was great fun! We used wool to make pom-pom Mischievians!