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If my child’s club is not already part of Children’s University, what do I do?


All your child needs to do is ask Mr Fraser for a simple form for the company to fill in and back to school.


How does my child record learning hours?


Each time you child completes a learning session, your child will write in the date, club and the duration of the activity. Your child’s passport will be stamped by the lead adult.


How does my child record learning hours outside school?


Each validated club will have a stamp. Your child will need to produce their passport at each session so that their learning hours can be stamped. If your club has never completed this before see Mr Fraser for the form to give to the club so they can sign up.


How do I know if my child has enough hours to receive a certificate?


In the front of your child’s passport there is information regarding the certificates that your child will be working towards. The first certificate is 30 hours of learning.

Please can you support your child initially by checking when they have collected 30 hours.


When will my child receive their certificates?

Your child will be invited to a special Graduation Day either during the Autumn or Summer term . This is a special way of saying well done and your child will experience what it is like when students finish their real university courses.


Where else can my child use his/her passport?

Many museums can be entered by presenting the passport free of charge. Please refer to for further information, and to see the range of places you can go to.


Pinders Primary will validate up to 2 hours learning to any museum if they have written a report or drawn a picture to reflect their learning. These hours can be validated daily by bringing their passports to their class teacher.


If you would like any further information please contact Mr Fraser via email – or make an appointment via the school office.


Children's Universities Information and Reply Slip