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Cycle A

Book List – Science


Cycle A


Autumn - Stone Age to Iron Age - Rocks

The pebble in my pocket - Meredith Hooper & Chris Coady  

Stone Girl Bone Girl - Laurence Anholt and Sheila Moxley


Spring - Stone Age to Iron Age – Animals

Bones – Steve Jenkins


Spring - Greeks

 Forces and Magnets (Moving up with Science) – Peter Riley

Magnets Push, Magnets Pull   -  David A Adler and  Anna Raf


Summer - Local Area – Animals

The Flower  - John Light


Summer - Local Area – Digestive System, Teeth , Food

All About Teeth – Mari C. Shuh

See Inside Your Body – Katie Daynes

A Journey Through the Digestive System –Emily Sohn

The astounding broccoli Boy – Frank Cottrell Boyce