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English lessons

Year 3/4 are looking the the suffix -sure and the prefixes dis- and un-. We’ve worked out how these prefixes change the root word. We’re also putting our -sure words in sentences.

UKS2 took part in a stimulus lesson for writing. We will be writing letters home as soldiers. To allow pupils to think about the shift in emotion from home to the trenches, we moved from a party with friends to the depths of the trenches, recording our feelings.

Year 4 are working together to think of adjectives to describe the Stone Age

KS1 children, we have had a mystery object arrive at our school this morning! I wonder if we can look inside and infer who this object belongs to!

Year 5.6 have been working really hard to improve and maintain a consistent handwriting style. There will be pen licenses all around soon!

Year 6 have started looking back through our letters, editing them and analysing the impact of written devices on the reader.

Year 4 are using dictionaries to correct their spellings in their historical narrative

Year 6 have have been using their inference skills to write postcards from Hal, the main character of our class novel. We are loving the final voyage of the Highland Falcon so far!