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English lessons

2020/21 Year 5 have become field biologists this morning. We discovered new and interesting species, recording details such as diet and adaptations. We’re going to write to National Geographic to inform them of our discoveries.

2020/21 Year 5 have been busy locating the features of a biography this morning, in preparation for retrieving facts about Francisco de Orellana as part of our rainforest topic.

20/21 Year 6 wrote letters to our Book Week authors, Annemarie Young and Michael Rosen, we are very excited to have received a response and are looking forward to having a zoom meeting with them.

2020/21 Year 5 have been writing letters to Alan Gratz, who is the the author of our book week book, Refugee.

2020/21- Year 4 have been busy writing a letter to the author of their class book from World Book Week.

Handwriting and presentation is very important to Y6

Y6 have written a range of genres this term, including narrative, poetry and a persuasive text.

2020/21 - Y2 exploring instruction writing. After reading The Gingerbread Man, they made puppets to go with the story and then explored writing instructions for making puppets.

2020/21 - Y2 Shape Poetry - Y2 discussed autumn poems, they then explored autumn leaves and created their own autumn leaf shape poems.

2020/21 Year 4 started by looking at the features of a newspaper as a stimulus for their own article writing.

In year 4 we have loved reading our wordless book and creating our own narratives based on this text, The Yellow Balloon.

Year 1/2 came into school to this crime scene! They decided to write a letter to the Wizard of Oz to find out the whereabouts of the wicked witch.


Neverland (Y4) received a letter from Peter Pan urging them to complete their letters persuading him to take them to Neverland! He even left some Pixie Dust behind.

Dragon's Den


Year 3 have been studying a mystery egg that Mrs Smithson found on her way into school. A few days after the egg was discovered... this unexplained note appeared! 

The Mysterious Red Egg

‪Year 5 have been busy locating the features of a newspaper report. To begin with, we struggled to differentiate between direct and reported speech so we had to help each other to understand the difference first.‬

After locating features of a newspaper report, we applied our knowledge to our work. We began by locating the headline, subheading and the 5 Ws in a WAGOLL about an earthquake. After group discussions, we wrote our own headline, subheading and introduction to our newspaper reports.

Gathering ideas from one another by having some time to explore each other’s work and magpie and fantastic ideas we fine.

Still image for this video

Year Three have thoroughly enjoyed reading and retelling the Greek Myth ‘Pandora’s Box’.

Year 3- this is us working in small groups to plan our own Greek Myths!

‪Year 5 have been using our stimulus ‘The Arrival’ to map out a plan for the build up of our narratives. To ensure our descriptive writing has impact on the reader we have been utilising emotion wheels. ‬