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Forest Schools

Academic year 21/22

Autumn 2 (Year 3 and Year 2)

20/21Year 6 love our forest schools sessions! We’ve lit fires and played a variety of great games.

2020/21 Year 4 made feather sticks in preparation for lighting fires. The following week they used their feather sticks to light fires, they then had fun toasting marshmallows.

20/21 Year 4- Forest Schools. Learning how to safely use a knife to cut wood.

20/21 - Y6 Enjoyed using natural resources to create a portrait of a Viking warrior.

Year 4 enjoyed their first Forest Schools Lesson

Year 5 enjoyed their forest school taster session. We worked on our communication skills as it is very important to be able to articulate instructions to one another safely and accurately when working together in forest school.

Year 5 worked on our teamwork during our first forest school session. We played all aboard the ship to help us work collectively to solve problems. It helped us to communicate more effectively together.

Linked to our topic of natural disasters, Year 5 used equipment and natural resources to create a shelter. We had a go at building a shelter then received advice on how to improve them, which we took on board and used to make our shelters sturdier and more protective from the elements.

After recapping on our fire lighting skills, Year 5 progressed to learning about bushcraft knife safety in forest school. We located different parts of the knife including; the handle, blade, sheath, cutting edge, finger guard and point. Safety in forest school is paramount so we found out about the danger triangle and how we must never use a knife in this position.

Year 5 recapped the safety aspects of usind knives and creating fires before foraging for materials to cut down and use for maintaining a fire. Once we had established a fire we boiled water to get rid of bacteria and make it suitable for consumption.

Year 5 used their well practiced knife and fire skills to make a vegetable stew.

For our final forest school session, Year 5 had a challenge set by Mr Raynor. We had to start a fire from scratch and maintain it for the longest amount of time.