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Investigating spellings

2020/21 Year 5 have been investigating homophones. It took us sometime to decipher between ‘passed’ and ‘past’. We had to find out the word classes used in different sentences such as verbs, prepositions and adverbs. Lots or brain power needed!

2020/21 Year 5 have been looking into the etymology of words used in the English language.

2020/21 Year 4 have investigated words with different spellings of the ‘ay’ sound. We had fun testing our partners to see if they could remember the correct spelling.

20/21 - Y6 have consolidated their spellings knowledge on suffixes using the LBQ application.

2020/21 Year 5 are continuing to investigate suffixes, today we looked at changing the ‘ible’ and ‘able’ suffix to ‘ation’.

Year 5 investigating the different sounds the ‘ough’ grapheme can make. We have started investigating the suffixes ‘Ible’and ‘able’.

Year 6 exploring the -ough letter string and the sound of it through a range of different words

‪Year 5 have enjoyed practicing our knowledge of apostrophes by playing apostrophe hangman.

Year 5 have been looking at rare GPC words in spelling. We broke each word up into graphemes based on the phonemes we could hear. We then used a range of strategies to help us remember the graphemes used in these particular spellings.

Year 5 creating word webs to explore the etymology of the words ‘sign’ and ‘press’.

Spelling in Year 3/4

Year 3 investigated words with the suffixes -sub and -tele.