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Investigating spellings

Year 5 children have been investigating the ways to make different nouns plural. There were lots of rules to consider but we have found patterns to help us remember.

Year 6 have been investigating homophones of words with -se/-ce and finding the different meanings of the words in a context.

Year 3/4 are using peer assessment today to test each other’s spelling ability using the statutory word lists.

Year 6 we’re investigating the suffixes ‘-cious’ and ‘-tious’ this morning. We learnt that if a root word ends in ‘-tion’ we add ‘-tious’ and if a root word ends in ‘-ce’ we add ‘-cious’

Children in Year 2 have been investigating how the /j/ sound can be made with a j, ge, dge or g in our spelling lesson today.

Year 3/4 are looking the the suffix -sure and the prefixes dis- and un-. We’ve worked out how these prefixes change the root word. We’re also putting our -sure words in sentences.

Year 6 are exploring root words including ‘fer’ and investigating how the spelling changes when a suffix is added.