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Investigating spellings

Year 6 exploring the -ough letter string and the sound of it through a range of different words

‪Year 5 have enjoyed practicing our knowledge of apostrophes by playing apostrophe hangman.

Year 5 have been looking at rare GPC words in spelling. We broke each word up into graphemes based on the phonemes we could hear. We then used a range of strategies to help us remember the graphemes used in these particular spellings.

Year 5 creating word webs to explore the etymology of the words ‘sign’ and ‘press’.

Spelling in Year 3/4

Investigating -ness -less and -ful
Investigating -ness -less and -ful
Investigating sub- and tele-
Investigating sub- and tele-

Year 3 investigated words with the suffixes -sub and -tele.