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2020/21 Year 5 have been working on building back up our stamina after 8 weeks of being at home during lockdown.

2020/21- Year 4 Tag Rugby

In Year 3/4 we have been learning about Sonny Bill Williams in our rugby lessons.

Children in Year 3/4 have been jumping in our gymnastics lessons.

2020/21 -Y2 Gymnastics topic

2020/21 - Year 2 Attack, Defend, Shoot . Y2 have been mastering basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination

2020/21 Year 4- In our gymnastics lessons we have developed our balancing skills. We have now progressed onto doing full cartwheels.

20/21 Year 3 have been learning about rugby. We looked at how to hold the ball, run with it and pass it backwards!

2021 Year 3 Gymnastics.

2020/21 Year 5 have begun recapping our prior knowledge within gymnastics.

Year 4 working on their gymnastics jumping and leaping skills.

Year 4 working hard on their coordination skills.

Year 4 warming up with a great game of Spiders and Scorpions. Then working on functional fitness.

Year 4 working on their fitness with our Coaches.

Year 1 - Fire Dance

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Physical development in Nursery - moving in different ways!

Physical development sessions in Reception!

Year 1/2 - Ball skills

Year 3's Stone Age Freeze Frames

Year 3/4

Year 3/4

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Experimenting with hoops in gymnastics

Camelot Class

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Year 4 (Neverland) have been practising forward rolls in our gymnastics lessons.

Year 5 have been using different points of contact to balance. We progressed this further by using equipment to balance on creating a sequence using at least 3 different balances.