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We teach literacy skills throughout our curriculum with a focus on 'reading' and 'writing'. Both aspects are crucial throughout the child's development stages and are therefore a large focus within the early years.



The encouragement of reading is paramount in Tigers where we have a daily story session, a daily phonics session, a library service weekly and a home reading scheme where each child is given a reading book to read at least three times at home. This is then changed weekly in school after reading with a member of the early years team. In addition to this, we implement literacy teaching through topic sessions and read and respond sessions. We focus on different aspects of reading, for example we look at poetry, rhyming, features of a story (such as the setting, characters, plot etc.) and many more. Take a look at some of our reading pictures!


In addition to reading, writing is a skill that is heavily developed within the early years. It begins with the children mark making and giving meanings to the marks they make. This is encouraged through the emergent writing on the writing table, as well as using resources such as glitter trays to increase confidence. Alongside this, we encourage activities such as using tweezers to develop fine motor control which is paramount for writing stamina.

Once the children become confident with mark marking, we will introduce letters (graphemes) to them in their daily phonics sessions so that they can begin writing simple graphemes, then words, that can be read by others. This skill will be developed throughout the year so that they will be writing sentences which can be read by others upon leaving foundation stage. Take a look at some examples of writing in Tigers!