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Mastery Maths in Action

2020 - 2021


Lions and Tigers have been exploring and understanding addition!

2019 - 2020


Maths in EYFS

KS1 using a variety of concrete apparatus

Year 2 reasoning and problem solving

Year 3 have been using concrete methods to deepen their understanding of multiplication.

Year 4 have been using stem sentences to help us round numbers.

Neverland (Y4) took their maths learning outside and practised writing Roman Numerals on the playground.

‪Year 5 have been using counters in maths to start off our multiplication session. In order to represent 1325 x 4 we needed to have 4 lots of 1325‬.

‪Year 5 used dienes to represent the multiplication of a 2-digit number by a 2-digit number. We then progressed to pictorially representing our working out in an area grid.‬

As part of our Primary Futures event, Year 3 used the iPads to research the prices of ingredients needed to make popular Greek dishes, calculated the total of the ingredients list and then went on to find the amount of change they would received from a £10 note.