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Remote Learning

In the event of the closure of a bubble, whole school closure or during a period of self-isolation schools are required to continue their educational provision for pupils remotely. At Pinders Primary we will use technology to support and deliver education remotely whenever possible.


We will use the following apps and services to do this. Your child will receive a letter with their login details for each of these services. If they have lost this, or you require any support with home learning please contact us at


If your child is in Nursery or Reception please click the link below to find out about how we will support children in EYFS.



We will use SeeSaw as a central hub to share lessons and tasks with children. Children are able to create, reflect, and share their learning with teachers by submitting the work set. SeeSaw allows children to “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. 


Seesaw can be accessed over the internet on a range of devices by accessing - 

An app can also be downloaded for devices running iOS, android, chrome or firefox - see this link  for more details -

SMART Learning Suite Online

As a SMART Exemplary school we use SMART Learning Suite across the school. Children enjoy interacting with games and collaborating with each other and their teacher within lessons. We will use SMART Learning suite to share slides and lesson input with children remotely. Children are used to join lessons in class but accessing lessons remotely will be different to joining a lesson in school.


  1. A link will be shared with children through a SeeSaw task.
  2. Children will then need to click the 'Sign in with Microsoft button.
  3. They will then enter their school login details.
  4. Children are then able to access the slides and content delivered by their teachers.


PiXL Times Table App

We will use the Pixl Times Table app in school to allow children to practice their times tables. By the end of KS1 children should know their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and by the end of Year 4 children should know all their times table up to 12 x 12.


The Pixl times table app can be accessed on any computer at


It can also be downloaded as an app on iOS, android, windows, MAC and Amazon Kindle from -

LBQ - Learning By Questions

We often use LBQ in during the school day in KS2. Children are familiar with this website which allows children to work through a series of questions in a variety of subjects. When work is set on LBQ, children will be provided with a 3-digit code which should be entered into the website followed by their name. 


LBQ can be accessed at


We use Charanga when teaching music in school. As well as using the website to deliver music lessons in class, teachers are able to set work for children to complete on a device away from the classroom. Musical instruments are not required with many of the tasks using voice alone. Children are also free to earn points and explore Charanga Music World.


Charanga can be accessed at:


Remote Learning Offer