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Welcome to Year 1

"Under The Sea"

This year we have a whole school focus on reading...

In Year One, we have decided to base our reading on the theme "Under The Sea".  

Our Class book will be "The Little Mermaid"

but we shall be reading a range of Under the Sea books in our class, including Fiction and Non-fiction books.

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Meet the team... 

Mrs Charlotte Lightowler - Teacher

Miss Caroline Brookes - LSA

Miss Shalla Akram - LSA

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Dates for your diary...


Tuesday 23rd April  - School opens - Summer Term 1 

Monday 6th May - May Day (School Closed)

Monday  - Art week

Art Gallery

Friday 24th May - School Closes Spring Bank Half term


Our Classroom

Reading Gems



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Autumn Term

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Christmas Decorations

Christmas Cards

This half term's Star Reader


Ebrahima is this terms Star reader!

He has been reading regularly at home and now is enjoying the world of books.He is always eager to read at school to adults and also on his own - Well done!



This half term's Star Writer

Picture 1 Attendance

smiley Congratulations to all the Year 1's who acheived 100% attendance this half term!!!smiley

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Spring Term

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Poetry week - Conrad Burdekin

Poetry week - Conrad Burdekin 1
Poetry week - Conrad Burdekin 2
Poetry week - Conrad Burdekin 3

What a wonderful world!




Researching Habitats on the ipads

                                    This half term's Star Reader



Rawah is this terms Star reader!

She has been reading books at home every day for the whole half term! Rawah has become a little bookworm! Well done!


Book Week



Monday 4th March is the beginning of Book Week!

our class will be reading "Don't Look in this Book" by Samuel Langley-Swain



Book Week - Open Classroom

Mothers Day Cards

                                   This half term's Star Reader



Rayyan is this terms Star reader!

He reads regularly at home, both for practice and pleasure.  Rayyan even enjoys sharing stories with the whole class! Well done!


Summer Term

Beatrix Potter

Art - Van Gogh's Sunflowers