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Y3 - 3A


The Year 3 Team


Class Teacher- Miss Atkinson

Learning Support Assistant- Miss Burkinshaw

Welcome to Year 3 at Pinders Primary School. In our classroom we are all part of a team. Our collective aim is to work together and achieve wonderful things. Your child will experience new adventures and make lifelong memories. This will allow them to not only develop their independence, but their social skills when working alongside others. Every child is encouraged to be proud of who they are and celebrate their differences. Respect, empathy and kindness are promoted at all times.


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Our classroom

Giant Country

Each classroom at Pinders Primary School is focused on a book. Our classroom is based on ‘The BFG’ by Roald Dahl. Your child will embark on an adventure with the BFG and Sophie, as they deliver dreams and even make a royal visit! This will be read in the first weeks of school.



Year 3 Topics

Autumn- Ruthless Romans

Spring- Window to the world

Summer- Saxons 

Everyday matters.


We love seeing our children’s smiley faces every day so full attendance is important. It makes sure they don’t miss work, giving them the ability to succeed.  


Reading at Home


Alongside reading in school, your child should continue reading at home. Ideally this would be every day, to ensure consistency and a love of reading. Encourage them to read independently and sound out words they struggle with. They should also use expression when reading aloud and be able to answer questions regarding the information they have read. Look through our reading gems (pictured below) to see if you could incorporate them into a discussion with your child, about their reading book.

Once you have listened to your child read, please record this in their reading record. If your child has read at least 4 times in the week they will be rewarded with a raffle ticket, which could win them a brand-new book at the end of the term!


General information


In order to nurture the best environment for children to learn in, families and school must work together. Reinforcing learning at home through reading, homework, spellings and simple discussions about your child’s day improves their education. The Year 3 team and everyone at Pinders Primary want the best for your child, please ask anything you are unsure of or if we can arrange anything to support your child’s learning. 


Homework- This will be given out every Thursday and will include read and response, maths and spellings. Read and response books will have a bookmark inserted each week, so that you can identify the correct page/chapter to read to your child.


Times Tables- By the end of Year 3, children are expected to know their 3, 4 and 8 times tables, along with their 2's, 5's and 10's which they learnt in Year 2. Please help your child to remember their times tables by practising with them regularly at home.




Outdoor- Monday

Indoor- Friday


However, due to classrooms events and external coaching this could change. Therefore, we ask that your child brings their kit on Mondays and they take it home to be washed on Fridays.


Water bottles- It is important your child keeps hydrated throughout the day. Therefore, we encourage them to bring a water bottle to school, which they will keep in the classroom until Friday when it will be taken home to be washed. Water bottles are available to purchase from the school office for £1.