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Y4 - 4Y

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Year 4

Once you enter our classroom you have journeyed into Neverland itself! Year four are looking forward to reading an adaptation of J. M. Barrie's original text, Peter Pan, as our first class novel. 


Class Teacher: Miss Young

Learning Support Assistants: Miss Makin & Mrs Ikram



Reading in Year 4

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In year 4 children should be developing positive attitudes to reading independently and a greater understanding of what they have read. 


Reading Strategies at this level

Your child should be encouraged at this stage to use the following skills:

  • Give a personal point of view on a text. 
  • Reading books that are structed differently and for a range of purposes. 
  • JUstify inferences with evidence, predict what might happen from details stated or implied. 
  • Retrieve and record information from non-fiction texts using simple notation. 
  • Identify and summarise the main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph. 
  • Pause, intotant and use appropriate voices for characters within a story or poem. 
  • Recognise apostrophe of possession (plural). 
  • Identify how sentence structure can be changed by altering word order, tense, adding/deleting works or amending punctuation. 
  • Use a dictionary or thesaurus. 
  • Explain why a writer has used different sentence types or a particular word order and explain the effect it has created. 
  • Skim and scan to locate information and/or an answer a question. 

Spring - Greeks

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This term year four will be focusing on the The Greeks, including Ancient Greece in History, Modern Greece in Geography. We will also be hosting a Greek cafe after we have cooked a range of Greek Food in our Design Technology Lessons.  In Science we will be looking at forces and magnets and conducting a range of investigations and experiments. 

Don't forget..

- Reading books must be read at home and brought in to be changed daily

- PE kit must be in school for your lesson on Wednesday afternoon.

- Swimming will be every Thursday afternoon. 

- Homework will be given weekly (10 spellings and a maths task) this will be allocated on Wednesdays to be completed and returned by the following Monday

Library day is a Friday afternoon.

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