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•       Wesail Wakefield

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•       West Yorkshire ADHD Support Group


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Video clips


• - What is ADHD – Tom Brown 28 mins

• - How to (explain) ADHD – 7.39 mins

• - Through your Child’s Eyes. Video simulations and interactive games to help you experience some of the frustrations your child might be having.

•       StrADDegties for Success – Executive Function & ADHD - 2.50mins

•       Motion Work - Flynn ADHD Information Video – 3.20min

•       Aungula - ADD/ADHD Simulator - 3 mins

•       ADHD Voices - What it’s like to have ADHD - 2.15 mins

•       Adiaha Franklin – Executive Functioning – 2.01 min

•       Shannon Ferguson – Executive Functioning A day in the Life– 3.14 min




•       ADHD angel

•       Adhd Guardian


Parent/Carer support  Advice and links for Parents/Carers   Advice and links for parents/carers   Advice and links for Parents/carers


Wakefield Information Network


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Wakefield Local Offer

This is a statutory website all local authorities have to have. It has all the information a parent needs in regards to a child with additional needs. There are specialist leisure groups, info on benefits, school processes, housing etc