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Autumn term:

Topic: Diwali

Question: How is Diwali celebrated?

Focus: Rama and Sita story

Abstract terms: King, Queen, tradition, celebration, prince, princess, royality, temple

Book: Rama and the Demon King (Jessica Souhami)


Topic: Christmas (Nativity story)

Question: How is Christmas celebrated? Why do people still celebrate Christmas today?

How is the past different from today? 


Abstract terms: King, tradition, celebration, Angel, past, present

Book: Various non-fiction Christmas stories.


Spring term:

Topic: Growing/change

Question: Can you order significant life stages?

Focus: Sequencing stages of life, events, lifecycles…

Abstract terms:

Book: Various lifecycle books (non-fiction)


Topic: Easter

Question: Was it fair that Jesus was killed?

Focus: The Easter Story

Abstract terms: sacrifice, crucify, tomb, cross, soldier, supper, disciples, hot cross bun, new life, betray

Book: Various Easter Stories (non-fiction)

Summer term:

Topic: Eid

Question: Can you remember your Eid celebrations?

Are Eid traditions similar to any other celebrations?

Focus: Celebration of Eid

Abstract terms: Iman, mosque, quran, Mecca, Islam

Book: Samira’s Eid