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Throughout their time in EYFS, the children begin to gain some early geographical knowledge and skills through focused topic teaching sessions and accessing high quality provision. The children engage in hands on experiences which promote social and cultural understanding and allow for detailed discussions reflecting the world around them and changes in environments. To develop children’s sticky knowledge we use engaging floor books and a learning journey board where the children can look back at their prior learning and continue to recall and develop their knowledge. We use a range of stimulus to engage children and develop their geographical understanding, including a range of fiction and non-fiction texts, maps and globes, IPads and computers to look at maps and our local area and educational visits. We provide the children with an interactive and hands on learning environment and high quality adult interactions to support and further learning, whilst fostering a love of learning about our world and encourage open questioning. Some of the topics that focus on developing geographical understanding and skills include ‘All about Me’ where we learn about ourselves and our local area and ‘Seasons’ where we talk about natural changes over time.