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"What have you learnt about at school?"


Reception pupil voice

Using floor book “we went on an autumn walk and saw conkers and autumn things. After that we did some harvest singing 1, 2, 3 little acorns and then we went to the library”. Mohammad


"If we try to remember what we have learnt about, we can look in the the floor book or on the walls! We have pictures and then we can see ourselves and what we do" - Violet


"Can you remember when we learnt about hedgehogs. Well I went for a walk with my family and I found some rubbish on the floor. I picked it up and put it in the bin because I remember hedgehogs crawl inside thinking that there is food in there and can get stuck. Even sometimes they die!" - Krithi

"What do you know about how things have changed over time?" 


Reception pupil voice

"When I was a baby I just lived with my mummy and daddy but now I've grown up we have another baby, my sister!" - Eva 


"When Jesus was born Mary had to travel on a donkey which would take a really long time. Now, we can use cars, trains or planes to get to places faster" - Saja

"How can we learn about things in the past?"


Reception pupil voice


"We can use books or the computer to learn stories like Christmas, Diwali and Chinese New Year" -  Theo


"Sometimes my mummy shows me pictures of when she was little or my family when they were alive" - Aavihshka