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Geography skills & fieldwork


Early Years




Geographical skills and fieldwork


Use maps/the globe to locate continents and oceans, including the UK.


Use aerial photos (of London) to recognise landmarks and basic human and physical features.


Create a simple map using a basic key.


Use a simple compass (NESW) and locational directional language (near, far, right, left) to describe features on a map.


Create a map of the school grounds and explore human and physical features.


Use an aerial photograph of Wakefield to identify key human and physical features in the local area.

Use various maps/atlases to locate countries and features. 


Know how to use four and six figure grid references and how to use the 8 points of a compass.


Produce a map of local area, invaded countries, label aerial photos using a key and create a map of city fields to explore human and physical geography.



Use various maps (including digital maps) to explore countries and features.