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Year 1 have done some great work using their reading skills in History today. They sorted equipment used to put out a fire in 1666 and today and compared them. They also inferred that it would have been scary and dangerous trying to put out the Great Fire of London.

Year 1 have been inferring what the boy from the book ‘Lost and Found’ would pack in his suitcase for his journey to the South Pole.

KS1 have been exploring the inference gem as part of their writing stimulus. Look at the suitcase...Here’s what what was inside. A Australian flag, sail, telescope, kangaroo, map and some photographs. Who could this belong to?

Year 2 have been developing their retrieval skills during their geography lesson. They used the internet to find out facts about the polar region... brrrr it looks cold!

Exploring the emotion of sadness in Year 1, linked to what we have read so far in our Read and Respond book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers.