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"What have you been learning about in History?"


"We have been learning about toys now and toys when Queen Victoria was Queen. They didn't have toys like we have today and we went to the museum to look at some - it was really fun seeing toys I've not seen before" - Elena 

"What have you learnt about in History before this topic?"


"I liked it when we did The Great Fire of London. It was really fun to learn about because I didn't know about it and also did you know that that's why we have the fire brigade now? It was because people couldn't put out the fire because it grew too fast and now we have fire engines and fire fighters to help us" - Saim

"What do you know about changes over time? How have things from the past influenced what we do today?" 


"Well we have to learn from what happened in the past. That's like in England all of the houses used to be made from wood and other materials that set on fire quickly so when The Great Fire of London happened it spread and lots of peoples homes burnt down. They then realised that stone and bricks are a better material to use so now we only use those to build with" - Alisdair