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20/21 Year 6 have located the Amazon rainforest in a map of South America and identified which countries is covers or partially covers. Can you believe it’s area is 5,500,000km square?

2020/21 After finding out about Brazilian favelas and reading a story about Pele- a young child living a favela- Year 5 wrote their own short narratives.

20/21 Year 6 have found out about Brazilian favelas and have written a short narrative about the conditions a child living in those neighbourhoods would experience.

2020/21 Year 5 located Scandinavia on a map and discovered the routes travelled by Vikings.

Year 5 have been discovering what tectonic plates are during geography. We located the ring of fire as well as some countries, which have been affected by natural disasters.

20/21 Year 4 used digital maps to locate the famous landmarks of Rome, and they also made comparisons between Modern and Ancient Rome.

After recapping on the layers of the earth and tectonic plates, Year 5 began learning about volcanoes. We were able to label the different parts of a volcano, which we used to create our own diagrams and explanations of a volcano.

Year 5 have been researching floods as part of our natural disasters geography sessions. This afternoon, we pieced together the information and eye-witness statements we have retrieved to create our own news reports.

Year 5's flood reports.

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Year 4 researched Greek cities and learnt about common crops that typically grow in Greece. So we tasted Greek Olives.. we’re not fans.

Year 3 have been researching about popular tourist destinations in Greece.