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2022/23 - LKS2 - Electricity

2022/23 - LKS2 - States of Matter

2021/22 - LKS2 - Investigating - How fast water drains through three types of soil

2021/22 - LKS2 - Testing Permeable rocks

2020/21 - LKS2 - This week we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We did an investigation about solids changing states. We decided to measure the melting point of chocolate as an opportunity to observe the change in state from a solid to a liquid.

2020/21 - LKS2 - This week, we have planned, observed and recorded an investigation about the rate of evaporation. We decided to place 4 wet cloths in 4 different locations and see which cloth dried the quickest. We predicted that the cloth on the radiator would dry much quicker than the cloths in other locations.

2020/21 LKS2 - This half term we have been learning about conductors and insulators of electricity.