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2020/21- Year 4 have started their DT learning this year within their Romans topic. We began by looking at Roman catapults before deciding to create our own. We had to investigate to find out what made an effective catapult, design our own catapult, then make it. After we had made them, we tested to see if they were successful and effective. Finally, we evaluated and reflected on our products.

We invited our parents to come sample our amazing dishes! The Greek Cafe was a huge success, everyone loved our Greek Food.

Year 4 planned a Greek Cafe event, we priced recipes and then made a range of savoury snacks including pita bread, hummus and tzatziki.


Year 4 worked hard on their sewing skills to create a christmas tree decoration using felt.

Stone Age Round Houses

Year 4's DT project was successful - we built stone age houses using clay, art straws, wooden dowels and straw.

Year 3 (Dragon's Den Class)


In our topic lessons this week we have been designing and making Stone Age Roundhouses. 


So far we have...

-designed our houses

-planned how we were going to make them

-built the base

-built the frame 

-moulded the clay around the frame


All there is left to do now is add the roof, and then evaluate our work! 


Keep your eyes peeled for the photographs of our finished Roundhouses (coming next week). 

Our progress so far...