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Lizzie came to read with Y4 this afternoon! She told me Haseeb’s summarising skills were excellent!

Children in Year 2 have been sharing a book with their reading partners this afternoon.

To warm up our reading skills, Year 3 are using their retrieval skills to retrieve information from the song ‘This is me’.

Y4 are making inference from religious artwork about the meaning of the last supper.

Year 3.4 have been working hard on developing their inference skills. Here we are inferring the feelings of different characters and plotting their emotions on a graph.

Year 3.4 and Year 4 have been using their drama skills to retell the story of ‘Pandora’s Box’.

In Read and Respond, Year 4 have been working collaboratively to form arguments for and against Caroline staying in the other flat- ready for a class debate.

Year 3 are sharing their predictions about our new read & respond book, The Wreck of the Zanzibar.

Year 3 have been comparing the book and film version of Bill’s New Frock. We have looked at how Bill was described in the book and how he appears in the film as well as identifying the similarities and differences.

Year 3 have used what they know about Bill Simpson to create their own drawing of him. Then we are going to infer his emotions at this point in our book.

Year 3/4 have used their drama skills this morning to role play as characters from our writing stimulus book - Stone Age Boy.

Year 4 reading for pleasure - we love reading!