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What have you been learning in History this term? Can you tell me about where this period you have studies fits on a timeline?


"We have been learning about The Greeks. They have lots of Gods that they believe in and did you know they had a war with Persia? Persia started it because they wanted some of the coastline that the Greeks had. They needed it because then they could travel by boat and this helps them to trade". They created the Olympics and this has changed a lot since it started because they used to throw heavy stones but now they have flat metal disks instead which are better". - Juwariyah 


"I know some of the Greek Gods that we have learnt about. Did you know that Zeus is the God of the Sky and people believe when he is angry he throws lightening bolts. Poseidon is the God of the Sea and maybe when he is angry he creates earthquakes. We also talked about the Olympics and lots of the sports are the same today as they were when it was first created like long jump and boxing. It's called the Olympics because it started in the city of Olympus!" - Kokob

"What did you learn last term in History? What can you recall about this?" 


"We learnt about the Stone Age. They painted pictures of animals they used to catch -  that's how we know what happened and how they lived because they did pictures. I know the Stone Age came first, then the Bronze and Iron Age - We have a timeline in our class that helps me to know when things happened and remember them all in order. During the Stone Age they were just learning to survive so they didn't have lots of modern things like we have today" - Rayyan 

"Is there anything similar or different about the topics you have learnt? Can you use your knowledge of one topic to help you understand deeper in another topic? Can you make any comparisons between the Era's you have learnt about?"


"The Greeks wear long robes which is different to some parts of the world today. We have lots of style of clothes we can wear but it was much more simple then" - Aurora


"When we learnt about the Romans and the Greeks we discovered that the Romans tried to invade Greece and we also learnt that things have got better over time - during the Stone Age people had a simple way of life and used basic weapons but they got better as they moved into the Bronze and Iron Age. They used better materials to make them stronger" - Sara


"I think that lots of what we have learnt about the different periods have inspired others. I think the Romans were probably inspired by the Greeks as they made their own alphabet" - Hayaa

"What famous Historians do you know of?" 


"Samuel Pepys made a diary about the Great Fire of London and people used it to find out what happened and then it brought about good changes like the fire brigade" - Hajrah