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Here at Pinders Primary School we learn RE through 3 strands: Believing, expressing and living. Here are the LKS2 key questions:



L2.1 What do different people believe about God?
Christians, Hindus and/or Muslims 
Christians and non-religious 
L2.2 Why is the Bible so important for Christians today? 
L2.3 Why is Jesus inspiring to some people? 


L2.4 Why do people pray?
Christians, Hindus and/or Muslims 
L2.5 Why are festivals important to religious communities? Christians, Hindus and/or Muslims and/or Jewish people 
L2.6 Why do some people think that life is like a journey and what significant experiences mark this? Christians, Hindus and/or Jewish people and non-religious responses 



L2.7 What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today? (Y3)
L2.8 What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today? (Y4)
L2.9 What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?
Christians, Jewish people and non-religious responses (e.g. Humanist)