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Lower Key Stage 2

Topic: Stone Age to Iron Age’

Artist: Georgia O Keeffe (1887)

Medium: Pastels

Skill: Tone, form, 3rd Dimension, observational drawing.

Book: Through Georgia’s Eyes.

My name is Georgia. Georgia O’Keefe, Scholastics


Topic: ‘Greeks’

Artist: William Morris

Medium: ‘Clay pots’

Skill: Pattern, Sculpture, slip, scoring, pinching.

Book: A visitors guide to ancient Greece.

William Morris (The World's Greatest Art)



Topic:  ‘Local Area’

Artist: Hepworth (1970)

Medium: Paint

Skill: Sculpture Painting of a Model, using acrylic. Shade, tone, composition, proportion, perspective,

Book: Meet Barbara, Laura Calin


Topic: ‘Romans’

Artist: Ed Chapman.

Medium: Mix Media -Mosaic

Skill: Experiment using colours and textures, combine to make an image.




Topic: ‘Window on the World’

Artist: Monet (1899)

Medium: Water Colour Paint

Skill: make and match colours with increasing accuracy, develop water colour techniques, use light and dark within painting.

Book: The Water Lily Pond and Katie and the Impressionists and Katie and the Lily Pond

Topic: ‘Saxons’

Artist:  Rembrandt

Medium: Printing – Pencil Portraits

Skill: tone, shade, line, third dimension, shadows, sustained drawing.


The boy who drew dogs.