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Pupil Leadership


Nurturing good pupil leaders is an important element of Pinders Primary School. Our pupils readily take on leadership roles: our Head and Deputy girl/boy, School Council, French Ambassadors, Animal carers, Citizenship ambassadors and Librarians contribute to our school values  with confidence and success. We are very proud of them.


Roles and Responsibilities

  • Act as an ambassador for the school both in and out.
  • Help plan, organise and promote events.
  • Represent pupil voice.
  • Work alongside the senior leadership team to continue to improve our school
  • Meet with senior leadership team and/or governors to feedback the key decisions.                                

Pupil Ambassadors: Our pupils are encouraged to take greater responsibility and to contribute positively both to the school and wider community. They also attend meetings as required with our  Leadership Team. To apply for an Ambassador position, children are required to write a letter of interest and explain what skills and attributes they have that make them suitable for the roles. 



    This Year's Head and Deputy School leaders:



    This Year's School Council leaders are:



    This Year's Animal Carers are:



    This Year's French Ambassadors are:



    This Year's Reading Ambassadors are: