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Samera Javed Parent Governor

My name is Samehra Javed and I moved to Wakefield in 2011. I have over 17 years of teaching experience and I run my own tutoring business. I have 2 children at Pinders Primary School. The eldest is in year 6 and the other is in year 3. Both my children are bright and high achievers thanks to the support they received/ and are still receiving at the school. 


As a family we have a close bond to the school as it’s the same school my husband and his siblings attended many years ago.


All the staff at the school work hard to maintain a good relationship with pupils, parents and the community. As a teacher myself I know how essential this relationship is even though at times it can be very challenging. 


As governor, I wish to help the school do just that by representing BOTH parents and the school in decisions that direct the school’s vision, aims and objectives.  I look forward to working with the other governors and Pinders Primary.