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School Playround and outdoor play

A National School Grounds survey found that 65% of schools believed school ground improvements encouraged learning and 73% found behaviour improved. It’s important for children to be stimulated both inside and outside of the classroom. 


At Pinders Primary School, we know a dull and uninspiring playground and unkempt school grounds can leave children feeling unexcited, or even lead to them making wrong choices at break times. We have invested a lot of time, money and love into our school playground and continue to make changes to our outdoor environment to improve the space and the opportunities available for all our children at playtimes.


Our playground enhancements promote a healthy lifestyle in both physical and mental aspects , an important strand of our RSHE curriculum. This includes:

  • Variety of experiences – our playground doesn't just focus on one main activity, instead it  covers a wide range of different activities. With this, our children will start to understand more about the world around them and therefore will have a stronger concept of certain topic areas.
  • Outdoor learning – some of our outdoor resources have been constructed to assist with outdoor learning due to the benefits it can carry with it. We have a music wall, writing area, reading garden and maths area.
  • Promotion of literacy and numeracy – our playground includes activities and areas to enhance the promotion of English and Maths skills.
  • Imaginative play – we have ensured that creativity and imagination can be  used by our children when playing on the playground - we have a den area, outdoor stage and construction area.

British Values links

  • Democracy  involves decision-making, turn-taking and collaboration in children’s play. We can make sure that children know their views count; that they value each other’s opinions; and we can provide opportunities for children to talk about their feelings. We can also encourage children to make choices.
  • Individual liberty - We encourage children to make choices, to develop independence and to think for themselves; in addition to providing experiences to explore feelings and responsibility, encouraging children to voice their own opinions, and to listen to others. Our priority is to support children in becoming confident, independent learners. 
  • Rule of law  - We support children in understanding their own behaviour; its impact on others; and to help them to understand right from wrong. We work with children to develop rules about behaviour, and to ensure that all children understand that ‘the rules’ apply to everyone. We should encourage children to make the right choices to keep their outdoor environment a safe and happy place to learn.
  • Tolerance and respect - We promote diversity and challenge stereotyping or discrimination, encouraging children to be tolerant and to respect other’s opinions and practice. We should teach children about the world they live in, their local community and the wider world through stories, activities and experiences. 

Our Construction Area

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