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Sensory Garden

Our Sensory Garden 

During the academic year 2021-22  we were successful in securing a funding grant to develop our wildlife area.  


We planned to adapt our wildlife area to create a sensory garden that was divided into clear sections providing a visual, tactile, simulating and calming environment.


They included the following features:


  1. A sensory path, including different textures around the garden.
  2. Seating area
  3. Privacy screens
  4. Vegetable patch
  5. Calming area with screens
  6. Plants – scrubs / fruit trees a range of different colours, scents and textures
  7. Water features
  8. Pagoda


Our KS2 children were involved in the planning and designing stage of the project.

Mr Lovell (Poppy's dad) and his company created our sensory garden over the Spring and Summer term 2022.