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Stuart Heptinstall - Local Authority Governor

Stuart Heptinstall - Local Authority Governor



I have lived in the Wakefield all my life . I started my education at Manygates Infants School before attending Sandal Magna Junior School until the family moved to Eastmoor. I completed my last year in junior school at Heath View Junior School. The secondary modern school I opted for was Manygates Senior Secondary Modern.

On leaving school I applied for a mining craft electrical apprenticeship with the National Coal Board at the age of fifteen. On being accepted on the coal boards scheme , I started work at Park Hill Colliery, After completing my indentured apprenticeship I qualified to work as an electrician on the surface and underground in the mining industry.

I am married to Christine and have three children , two boys and a girl .All three were educated at Heath View Junior and Eastmoor High School as it was known then. We have seven grand children, whom we have been fortunate to see grow up in the Wakefield area.


Due to the closure of the mining operations in the Wakefield area I transferred my place of employment to Riccall mine in the Selby area in 1983, but decided to travel to the Selby coal field to work. Being a member of the local mines Mines Rescue team, Fire Fighting team and having  studied at Leeds University adult education centre (industrial history & industrial law) for two years whilst at Park Hill Colliery. I took the decision to change my function in the mining industry from electrical to safety.

So on starting work at Riccall mine I established the two Mines Rescue teams required at that mine. I continued my further education by returning to Barnsley collage and gained City & Guild certificates Safety Officers , Fire Officers Dust Officers , Noise Officers and was responsible for the safety function of that mine  on behalf of the mine manager, until I took  early retirement whilst employed at Riccall mine as the Mines Safety Officer. My appointment of Local Authority Governor over thirty years ago at Pinders Primary Junior & Infants school was a way of being involved with the future citizens of our area  . Having been involved with all kinds of community work over the years and gained experience in local politics , residents groups  and social groups  I am really pleased to play a part in bringing the school and community together. I attend Governors meetings, training sessions and work with other governors and staff to improve the academic and life skill qualities of our future citizens who will need to reach their potential for use in their society.