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Upper Key Stage 2

Topic: ‘Poppies, Peace and Power’

Artist: Henry Moore (1898)

Medium: Pastel

Skill: Marks, lines, patterns, cross hatching, sidestrokes, use perspective.

Book: War Shelter drawings of Henry Moore.



'Natural Disasters’

Artist: Hokusai's

Medium: Mix Media/Printing

Skill: Creating a printing block, overlapping, colour mixing, back ground wash

Book: The Great Wave: the children’s book.


Topic: 'Space'

Artist: Dali – Surrealism

Medium: Painting landscape, acrylics

Skill: perspective, scale, proportion, create atmosphere, light effects, tonal contrast, develop/use own style

Book: Salvador Dali, Getting to know the world’s greatest artists.



Topic: ‘Vikings’

Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci

Medium: Pencil Work –Portraits/Helmets

Skill: scale, proportion, rubber technique, different gradient pencil, shading


Katie and the Mona Lisa.

My little Louvre.



Topic: ‘Egyptians’

Artist: Picasso

Medium: Sculpture – Mask

Skill: Model over an armature, create freestanding relief work

Book: Who was Pablo Picasso?

Story of Tutankhamun.



Topic: ‘Rainforests/South America’

Artist: Henri Rousseau (1891)

Medium: Painting

Skill: Sustained/independent painting, understands which works well, develop painting from a drawing,


The Great Kapok Tree. Lynne Cherry

The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau.