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20/21 Year 6 explored the growth of mould spores as part of our microorganisms topic. We noticed, as we predicted, the warmer the environment the faster the mould grew.

2020/21 Year 5 are debating whether or not viruses are living things. By the end of our session, we were still divided (just like scientists) as to whether we could classify viruses as living things.

2020/21 ‪Year 5 carried out a science investigation to find out whether exercise has any impact on our heart rate. We thoroughly enjoyed using the stethoscopes! ‬

Year 6 conducting an experiment involving solutions.

Year 6 investigating the properties of materials.

Year 5 have been learning about the reproduction of flowers this afternoon. We used the laptops to research the different parts of a flower whilst locating the parts of the flowers we had in the classroom. #ppscience

Year 5 explored the reproduction of plants yesterday. Today, we are finding out about animal reproduction and their offspring with a very interesting game of ‘Top Trumps’. #ppscience

After defining some key words for our science topic, Year 5 investigated materials and described them according to their properties.