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20/21 Year 6 are gearing up to tackle a mini test on the text they have been studying for the last few weeks.

20/21 Year 6 have been working on their summarising skills in Cracking Comprehension

20/21 Year 6 have retrieved a range of information from a non-fiction text about Swimming the Channel.

2020/21 Year 5 have been using our cracking comprehension lessons to learn even more about our Egyptian topic. We are studying a text about Tutankhamun, our first questions were all linked to defining.

During read and respond, ‪Year 5 have been justifying our inferences using the A.P.E format to ensure we are providing and explaining the evidence we have located in the text.‬

20/21 Year 6 are still enjoying The Hobbit. We have explored a number of riddles from Gollum and picked apart the vocabulary used in detail.

2020/21 ‪Year 5 are ensuring they listen carefully and follow the text, use the text effectively to answer define questions and work hard to complete the challenge in cracking comprehension. ‬

2020/21 ‪Year 5 are summarising the positives and negatives that the family we are reading about in Kensuke’s Kingdom are facing during their travels.‬

2020/21 Year 5 working on our retrieval skills in cracking comprehension.

Year 6 using their speaking and listening skills to practise reading a story to a different audience.

Year 6 using their inference skills to organise their wordless book

Year 5 have been brainstorming ideas about how a characters feelingshave changed throughout the story. We then used this information to write a comparison.

Year 5 have been working hard in read and respond. We have focussed on our inference skills, using A.P.E as a structure for providing justifications for our inferences.

Year 5 really enjoyed reading and interpreting precepts then creating some of our own.

Year 5 looked back over the story we have read so far and discussed the developing relationship between the main character and his now best friend.

Year 5 exploring how the author’s choice of vocabulary and language devices builds up a character description.

Year 5 engrossed in books linked to our topic and novels from our silver and gold book collection.

Year 5 worked in groups to map out a timeline of a war started between characters. We then made predictions as to what would happen after the demise of the war.

Year 5 have been perfecting our skimming skills, reading through a text at speed to retrieve the information we are searching for.

‪Year 5 are busy making inferences across a text ensuring they justify their answers with evidence.‬