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Year 5.6 have enjoyed their reading buddy session this afternoon.

Year 5.6 have finished their cracking comprehension lesson with a fun retrieval and summarising activity. We watched today’s BBC newsround clip and worked in small groups to retrieve and summaries the key information.

Read and Respond in Year 5.6 this morning... we started with a retrieval memory game, then moved onto finding evidence in the text to support statements about the character (in collaborate groups), we then recorded our findings in our books.

Some Year 6 children enjoying their library time- reading for pleasure is very important to us at our school!

Developing our reading skills in Cracking Comprehension...

Year 5.6 have worked collaboratively to discuss comparisons between Auggie and Jack's friendship at different points in the story.

In Read and Respond, UKS2 have been summarising the relationship between characters and how that influenced the characters actions and feelings

Year 6 have have been using their inference skills to write postcards from Hal, the main character of our class novel. We are loving the final voyage of the Highland Falcon so far!

UKS2 have used the internet to retrieve key facts about the life of the famous artist ‘Henry Moore’.

Year 5.6 have enjoyed their library session this afternoon. They read with their reading buddies and then we had a whole class drop everything and listen session. Hasfa read the class book ‘Cogheart’ very confidently to us all.