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After finding out about Moore’s ‘Shelter’ art, Year 5 began sketching the outline of the people seeking refuge in the tunnel. We discussed the perspective of the picture, ensuring that the people in the forefront are more detailed than the people in the background.

Year 5 refined their chalk skills, focussing on the most detailed person in the foreground of our artwork.

Year 5 moved onto sketching the outline of our artwork in preparation for adding details with chalk.

After retrieving information about the artist Hokusai and exploring his fantastic artwork, we began creating our own versions of ‘The Great Wave’. We started by sketching the details of the wave including Mount Fuji then marked the outline of this onto polystyrene.

After cutting around our outlines and adding detail to the waves on our polystyrene we used a blue acrylic to print the main section of our great waves.

Once our wave printing had dried, we used a fine paintbrush to accentuate the finer details.

Some of our finished work.