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"What have you been learning about in History this term? Can you tell me where this comes in relation to other historical periods?" 


"We've been learning about the Egyptians. I find this topic really interesting because I think it links with some of the learning we did on the Romans. The Romans ruled over Egypt for around 600 years" - Rahaf

"How does what you've learnt in history impact on present day life? Can you give an example of how a historical period has brought about change?"


"The events during WW2 brought about big changes in England. Before the war women did not work but during the war all of the men were recruited to be soldiers. This meant that women had to work and now in present day life both men and women work" - Gabriel 

"Do you know any famous Historians? What are they famous for?" 


"Howard Carter was a British Egyptologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1992. He was an archaeologist for nearly 50 years and he helped discover lots about Ancient Egypt. Finding the tomb was definitely his biggest discovery though!" - Sreya