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Expressive Arts in Reception

Year 3 have been busy recreating the Stone Age cave drawings... 

Year 3/4

Year 4 (Neverland) had fun forraging for raw, natural materials so that we could then make our stone age cave art!

Year 4 (Neverland) used sandpaper to paint our cave art animals.

Year 3 cave paintings... we began by painting our stone effect backgrounds, we then used charcoal to sketch the animal outline.

Year 3 have been learning about William Morris and what influence he has had on British art.

Year 3 Art- Our focus in art is Greek Pots, we have made links to the artist William Morris as we are studying repeating patterns. Can you spot the geometric patterns?

Year 3’s Greek pots, moulded in clay and decorated with repeating geometric patterns (repeating patterns influnced by William Morris).