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Physical Education 


“The sky has no limit, neither should you.” Usain Bolt

Subject Leader: Miss Atkinson

Subject Governor: Mr Hardwick


Curriculum Intent 

The overall aim for Physical Education (P.E) is that pupils develop a passion and appreciation for their own physical health and the world of sport as well as increase their confidence in their own physical ability. In our organisation of the P.E curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities, we envisage pupils developing their knowledge of a wide variety of sports as well as a broad skill set within the sports they have learnt. Through this we will promote the positive effects physical activity can have on our mental and emotional well- being as well as our physical health.


Aims in teaching Physical Education at Pinders Primary School: 

We aim:

  • To be physically and mentally healthy 
  • To be aware of our bodies and the impact physical exercise has upon it
  • To communicate, collaborate and compete together

How is the content chosen? 

At Pinders we chose a high quality resource which empowers teachers to effectively deliver PE sessions, giving them confidence in their ability . Through engaging lesson plans, simple to use resources and specialist professional development teachers are guided through each session. Every lesson plan includes key questions, vocabulary, links to prior learning as well as having a resource pack full of images to aid movements in topics such as gymnastics and tennis.  

Our P.E Statutory National Curriculum Programme

How is the subject taught?

At Pinders Primary school we follow a clear and consistent scheme known as The PE Hub. Each class have clear levels of progression from Reception to Year 6. Alongside, our two weekly PE sessions we also teach children about different athletes. 

How do we ensure progression of knowledge and skills? 

Progression in education is fundamental to a schools succession therefore, Pinders Primary school take every steps to ensure all children progress to their full potential.

In P.E. Our curriculum is set out so that each year children build upon the skills they learnt in the previous years.  

Becoming an athlete

When children are learning about a subject through descrete teaching sessions they are explicitly told that today they are going to be an 'athlete.' They are then reminded of the key skills that they will learn, use and develop within that subject. 


In PE theses are:

We are learning to

  • develop our physical health through active engagement
  • enhance our teamwork skills by working collaboratively 
  • pushing ourselves to be the best we can be

Teaching PE in EYFS

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How do we develop cultural capital in P.E.

Significant people in P.E.

What does P.E. look like at Pinders Primary School?



Subject Leaders


At Pinders Primary we have subject leaders who oversee, develop, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their subject within school across all year groups and phases. Staff are committed to delivering high quality learning experiences throughout the curriculum. Support staff have developed their strengths in order to further enhance the quality of learning.


Extra- curricular activites 

Here at Pinders we offer a wide variety of after school activities for all children. Forest schools is hugely popular with children at Pinders as their love and understanding of the outside world develops. There are also dance clubs including; Cheer and Zumba. All available clubs will be offered to your children, make sure to sign them up. 



At Pinders we believe children should finish their learning journey with a comprehensive knowledge. In order to achieve this in P.E children will not only learn physical skills and techniques when learning about the sport but they will be given an athlete to learn about too. At the start of each topic the children will be introduced to their 2 athletes (one for each sport they are looking at) allowing them to research the athlete and take inspiration from their achievements. Below you will find our overview of athletes. 



Want to develop your child's education further?

Use the following links to encourage PE at home.

A wide collection of free, curriculum-linked resources to educate and entertain children at home. You can find lots of ideas for helping your children get active, as well as fun videos, games and worksheets for Maths, English and Health and Wellbeing.

A selection of PE activities, which can be completed individually or in pairs, 60 second challenges and ways to keep active linking to other curriculum areas.

A range of videos including gymnastics, dance, yoga and movement skills. Cross curricular activities, and ways to keep your body and mind active and as healthy as possible.

A great selection of resources, including outdoor and adventure activities, dance, exercises and ways to learn about nutrition!

Physical Education Statement of Intent
To develop children's experiences and enable them to achieve personal successes, the appropriate skills and confidence to partake in all sports, including those that are competitive. 

PE policy 2021