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Humanities (Geography, History & French)

Geography new curriculum-2014



Factual knowledge, e.g continents & oceans at KS1

UK focus at KS1, plus one non-European comparison

Europe & the Americas covered at KS2

Identification of rivers, mountains etc in UK

OS four-figure grid references


French New Curriculum - 2014

The scheme of work has been written and coordinated by Rachel Redfern MFL advisor for Wakefield Local Authority in accordance with the Key Stage 2 Framework.

French is taught across KS2 in years 3 - 6. 


Each unit of work consists of:

* identified frame work objectives taken from the strands: oracy, literacy, inter-cultural understanding

* a topic area and suggested core vocabulary 

* suggested resources

* detailed lesson notes

History New Curriculum - 2014


* KS1: Concepts of monarchy, parliament, civilisation, democracy and war and peace

* KS2: strictly chronological progression through history of Britain from Early Britons to Glorious Revolution 1688.

* Requirement to teach Ancient Rome & Greece

Picture 1 Year 1 Geography
Picture 2 Year 3 History
Picture 1 Ancient Greeks Y3
Picture 2 Fair Trade Y4
Picture 3 Geography Y3
Picture 1 Ancient Greeks Y5
Picture 2 Mayan Civilisation Y6
Picture 1 French Y4
Picture 2 Rocks & Soils Y4