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Autumn 1

Week 1 - Noah - For being an excellent role model for listening and contributing to the class discussions we have had after story time this week.

Week 2 - Jacob - For his growing confidence, settling in to reception well and being an excellent role model.

Week 3 - Benson - For being so kind to his friends, looking after them when they are upset.

Week 4 - Ava - For always trying her best in every activity she does! You are a star!

Week 5 - Aaisha - For her superb writing this week- well done! 

Week 6 - Rayyan z - For always being ready to learn and being a good role model.

Autumn 2 -

Week 1 - Azaan - For settling well to routines and his activities.

Week 2 - Willow - For settling in well to her new class and giving excellent answers in topic lesson.

Week 3 - Whole class - For an enjoyable trip to the theatre.

Week 4 - Yousef - For the amazing effort he is putting into his phonics lessons.

Week 5 - Musa - For trying really hard with his handwriting, making it smaller and neat.

Week 6 - Marcel - For using his big voice in the Nativity and trying hard to remember his lines and actions.



Spring 1 -

Week 1 - Haniya - For applying her phonics skills within her independent writing!

Week 2 - Aditya - For the amazing effort he is putting into his Phonics, Reading and Writing!

Week 3 - Elisha - For becoming more confident in every lesson this week - you have been a super star!

Week 4 - Urwa - For being so enthusiastic about writing in learning time and in provision.