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Autumn 1 -

Week 1 - Halima - For always showing all 3 bee rules and being a great role model.

Week 2 - Vihaan - For an amazing start in phonics in reception and being a fantastic role model.

Week 3 - Mia - For being so kind and caring to others, and always setting a great example to others.

Week 4 - Mustafa - For brilliant engagement in phonics and trying hard to learn the new sounds.

Week 5 - Bodhi - For brilliant resilience to reach his goal!

Week 6 - Jennifer - For always doing the right thing.

Autumn 2 -

Week 1 - Yosan - For having a fantastic start to school, being resilient and making new friends.

Week 2 - Rayyan A - For good respect of the classroom and others.

Week 3 - Whole class - For an enjoyable trip to the theatre.

Week 4 - Jamal - For practicing his nativity lines at home and remembering them so well.

Week 5 - Jennifer - For trying hard in class and asking for help when she needs it.

Week 6 - Rory - For trying so hard even if he finds it hard and learning how to regulate his emotions to make himself ready to learn.

Spring 1 -

Week 1 - Rayyan M - For always having fantastic engagement and being ready to learn.

Week 2 - Taleen - For being so helpful and kind to all adults and all children, well done!

Week 3 - William - For showing excitement for learning and coming into school with a smile on his face.

Week 4 - Miroslav - For showing good enthusiasm for phonics and trying so hard.