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Staff stars

Autumn 1

Week 1 - Tony Woodhouse - For all the extras he has done this week for staff across school. Thank you.

Office Staff - For working super hard to get everything underway for the new term. Thank you.

Week 2 - All Staff - For working as a team this week to get through Ofsted.

Week 3 - Naheed Abrar - For stepping in to cover and doing a great job.

Sarah O'Malley - For her flexibility in her role and being a team player.

Week 4 - Ian Clarke - For embracing Pinders life with the residential and much more. Real team player.

Helen Beetham - For entering into Pinders fully wiith Ofsted, Residential and much more. Definitely part of the team.

Week 5 - Michelle Burkinshaw - For her excellent work planning and adapting the curriculum to make sure BD is accessing all areas. Great job.

Rachael Davies - For her head down embrace, solve and get on with it attitude. A great start.

Week 6 - Laura Parker - For soldiering on last week and this week with no voice. Aswell as grasping the PSA role. Good Job.

Michelle Eyre - For flexible working to help out. Thank you. 

Week 7 - Jenny, Andrea and Mairead - For passing their inspection with flying colours without any preparation. Not dropping a mark and retaining their 5 stars. Well done.

Autumn 2

Week 1 - Chantel Morris and Chloe Davies - For the extra time and commitment you have given to create the Burrow environment. Thank you it is making such difference.

Week 2 - Annabel Young - For resilience, patience and calm exterior. You are doing a good job. 

Anna Kadir - For resilience, supporting your team and class. Well done you are going over and above.

Week 3 - Katie Hargreaves and Sam Firth - For supporting Annabel with her leadership training day.

Week 4 - Daniel and Leah - For completing their penultimate week successfully of their teaching practice, well done to you both and we wish you well for the future.

Week 5 - Amy Coleman - For an excellent festive cookie sale.

Katie Hargreaves - For taking a lead on organising the Christmas Doo. Thank you. 

Week 6 - Ella Atkinson - For stepping out to lead the Nativity. You did a great job.

Kitchen Staff - For serving a fabulous Christmas dinner. Thank you.


Spring 1 -

Week 1 - Sam Firth - For completing his National Professional Qualification for senior leadership. Well done! 

Kristy Jansen - For quietly making a difference in the background with phonics outcomes.

Week 2 - Amy Coleman and Helen Beetham - For turning the assessment data round in record speed.

Week 3 - Shalla Akram and Naheed Abrar - For stepping into different roles this week, thank you.

Week 4 - Katie Makin - For stepping into cover this week with a smile.

Sobia Shafi - For being flexible in her role swapping about daily. Thank you.

Week 5 - Charlotte Lightowler - For outstanding effectiveness in hitting reading target 8 times in a row.

Katie Stokes - For relentlessly sticking to the plan and the many successes because of it.

Spring 2 - 

Week 1 - Donna Mawdsley - For manning the office single handedly yet again!

Lynne Smithson - For mastering technology and the moves in Team Teach!